There is simply nothing better than watching my students grow as musicians because I also get to see them develop their confidence, their determination, and their self expression. Most of all, I love guiding students through the process of self discovery and the joy of sharing what they have to offer with the world. The mentors I’ve had throughout my career have been so generous and inspirational. The opportunity to give back and continue the pursuit of excellence in our art is an honor and a privilege!

As a trumpet instructor, Kate connects with her students on a friendly level, creating an environment where students have no fear to give everything they have, and make music while having fun; this atmosphere also pushes students to want to learn, practice, and work hard.  In less than a year working with Kate I have developed an ear for good sound, strong technique, bright tone, a wider range and a sense for musical styling in pieces, all qualities I lacked prior to studying with her.

Student Resources

Spark Brass

In 2013, Kate was a founding member of Spark Brass, a group of professional musicians and educators from across the United States who have experienced the profound positive impact of music in our own lives and the lives of their students.

For more information, visit SparkBrass.com